Vegan starter guides, recipes, leaflets, booklets, posters

- Vegan Starter Guides
- Supermarket Vegan Lists
- Vegan Recipes
- Go Dairy-free
- Stop Eating Fish
- Go Vegan for your heart
- Vegan guides for Restaurants
- Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting
- Diet and breast cancer
- Diet and diabetes
- Stop eating chickens
- Say NO to eggs
- En Espanol
- Say No to leather

More Vegan Literature

Visit our Vegan Literature page for lots more vegan leaflets, posters, booklets, magazines, etc

24 Responses to Resources

  1. Rhonda says:

    I am so thrilled to see all of these resources offered to people interested in a plant-based diet. Thank you for what your organization does for animals.

  2. Please check out the Veggie Table iPhone app for a listing of vegetarian and vegan restaurants around you and around the world!

  3. Hermand Sandrine says:

    Merci à Vous

  4. Pri says:

    Hi! Feel free to use my vegan recipes. You can check them out here:

  5. Allen Laton says:

    I would love to join Vegan World.

  6. Lindi says:

    We started our journey on the 29th of Dec :D

  7. karen tipping says:

    I went vegan in 1995 having been vegetarian since 1984, it made perfect sense and I’ve never looked back. A cleaner, healthier and kinder way of life, it makes my heart sing to know that no creature suffers/dies for my plate.

  8. Check out our website for one of the largest selections of vegan accommodations on the web:

  9. Anna Huff says:

    Found you on twitter. Thank you for the wonderful resources!!! I will be using them and sharing them.. I am an aspiring fitness personality and artist/inspiration .
    Thank you! Love Anna

  10. Michele says:

    thank you

  11. Kim says:

    Love this please send me more info as well as contact info I would like to chat. Thank you Love&Light

  12. Lindsey Honeyman says:

    Thank you. I am 2 days in to my new all veggie meat free life. Over the last few years I have researched healthier living and eating organic. I thought I was doing good by stuffing my face with “hormone free” meats and “free range” chicken and still could not understand why when I turned 30 a couple months ago I had a spare tire in my midsection. I eat healthy and exercise so what’s wrong with me? A friend let me borrow her book “skinny bitch” and that slap in the face those authors dish out was exactly what I needed. From there I have been obsessed with learning how to change my ways. My fridge, freezer, and pantry are full of garbage. Unfortunately I can’t afford to start from scratch so I may have to transition more slowly than I’d like but I have completely cut out meats. My son is 5 and I would like for him to be healthy and make healthy eating choices. He has a chance to not become brainwashed as me and so many others have been by politicians and factory farmers feeding false information in our brain and poisons in our bodies. I feel like my life has just begun.

  13. Claude Roulet says:

    I am not vegan yet, just vegetarian, but I am considering becoming vegan and need your help because it seems Very difficultés at the beginning…

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