Put vegan food on school menus

Educate your principal and the caterers/kitchen manager at your school about the benefits of a vegetarian diet and ask them to include vegetarian and vegan options on the menu every day.

A plant-based diet is not only the most compassionate and environmentally-friendly available but it is the healthiest too.

Why not print out a copy of the Vegan Society’s “Vegan Catering for All” booklet – www.vegansociety.com/images/VeganCateringForAll.pdf – and present it to the people responsible for your school’s menu. Also useful may be vegetarian starter guides which feature simple recipes – a selection of guides can be downloaded from veganfuture.wordpress.com/2008/04/13/vegetarian-starter-kits

Is milk being promoted in your school? If so, highlight the numerous health problems associated with dairy products and suggest that organic soya and rice milk would be smarter choices. Recommended websites are http://www.milksucks.com and http://notmilk.com/

Is your school a vegetarian-friendly establishment? What’s the best vegetarian/vegan school dinner out there? Let us know now!

Download a copy of the Vegan Society’s “Vegan Catering for All” booklet from www.vegansociety.com/images/VeganCateringForAll.pdf. Ideal for schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc


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