Organise a screening of Earthlings

Help educate people about the suffering endured by animals in the world today. Ask your local film club, cinema, library and environmental group to screen Earthlings – the award winning documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

Better still, why not organise a showing of Earthlings yourself – either among friends, family and neighbours or at a public venue.

In the wise words of actor Woody Harrelson, Earthlings is “a must see for anyone who cares enough to know”.

You can be purchase Earthlings on DVD from or from the official Earthlings website

Watch Earthlings in full on Youtube

About Earthlings

Earthlings, the highly acclaimed documentary exposing the mass suffering caused to animals by humans, is now available to view online at

Narrated by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix and featuring a stirring soundtrack by Moby, this award-winning 90 minute presentation covers everything from factory farms, pet shops and puppy mills to the animals used and abused in the leather & fur trades, the sports industry and the medical profession.

Moving, yet constantly informative and thought-provoking, Earthlings is considered the most comprehensive documentary ever produced on the subject of animals and economic interests. And thanks to footage from hidden cameras, viewers are given an horrifying insight into the shameful practices of some of the world’s largest industries and their reliance on animals for profit.

If you’re thinking of becoming a vegetarian or vegan or have been meaning to join your local animal protection group, watching this film will be an inspiring step in the right direction!

Earthlings took five years to produce. It began as a series of Public Service Announcements on spaying and neutering pets before eventually evolving into a feature-length film on every major animal-related issue. Writer/Director Shaun Monson began by filming at animal shelters but his interest expanded into the abuse of animals by the food industry and medical researchers. After accumulating material from animal welfare organisations, the editing process was underway. Joaquin’s narration was recorded in stages and added to the mix along with the Moby soundtrack.

In 2005, Earthlings premiered at the Artivist Film Festival, where it won best documentary feature. It has also won Best Content Award at the Boston International Film Festival and Best Documentary Film at the San Diego Film Festival. Meanwhile, the project has earned a humanitarian award for Joaquin Phoenix whose involvement helped bring the message to a wider audience.

In the wise words of actor Woody Harrelson, Earthlings is “a must see for anyone who cares enough to know”. If you care enough to know, you can now watch Earthlings it in its entirety for free at:


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