Vegan Alternatives (Ireland)

It’s very easy to be vegan in Ireland. Health food stores, Fruit & Veg shops and supermarkets make it easy for you to get everything you need to enjoy a healthy vegan diet. In this section, we will list some vegan products for you to look out for next time you go shopping.

Sunflower Spread

Vegan alternative to dairy butter/margarine

This delicious vegan spread is available in Marks and Spencer which has branches all across Ireland. This supermarket has a wide variety of products that are suitable for vegans. Check out the full M&S vegan list

Redwood’s Cheatin’ Turkey Style Slices – available in health food stores. This range also includes vegan ‘ham’, ‘chicken’, ‘turkey’, ‘garlic sausage’, ‘pepperoni’ and ‘beef’ style slices as well as vegan roast ‘beef’ and ‘turkey’. See the Redwoods website for more details.

Swedish Glace Ice Cream

Delicious vegan alternative to dairy ice cream. Try Swedish Glace in vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry and neapolitan. Highly recommended.


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