Bistro Niko – Please drop Foie Gras from Menu

Atlanta restaurant, Bistro Niko, currently serves cruel foie gras. Bistro Niko is part of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group. Send a polite email to Buckhead Life Founder/CEO, Pano Karatassos, and ask for foie gras to be dropped from the menu.

Email Now:

Protesters raise placards against foie gras at Bistro Niko
By Howard Pousner
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
April 17, 2011

An animal rights group served up a protest against the serving of foie gras at Bistro Niko in Buckhead on Sunday.

Waving signs with messages such as “Honk if you love animals” and “Honk to stop animal cruelty,” the lunchtime protest was organized by the Animal Protection and Rescue League. The San Diego-based grassroots group claims credit for helping gain support for 2004 California legislation to ban the production and sale of foie gras that becomes law in July 2012.

Foie gras is a liver dish created by force feeding ducks or geese.

Rebecca Weston, an Atlanta homemaker and leader of the Atlanta protest, said that the local chapter targeted 14 metro restaurants, asking them to remove the appetizer from their menus, in a campaign starting in February. Three of the restaurants have agreed to stop serving foie gras, she said, and conversations are ongoing with several others.

The site of two prior protests, Bistro Niko was targeted again because management has refused to have any dialogue with the activists, she said.

There were no conversations Sunday with restaurant management or staff, but Weston called public support — both from honking motorists and pedestrians who picked up brochures — “inspiring.”

“We definitely will be back there again,” she said. “We may actually take these protests to their corporate office. However, we’d much rather have them say they’ll speak with us.”

The French eatery, at 3344 Peachtree Road, is part of the Atlanta-based Buckhead Life Restaurant Group.


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