Free Jake from Factory Farm Cruelty

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Jake looks sad, doesn’t he? It’s no wonder. Like almost all of the 19 million other ducklings raised for meat each year in the UK, Jake has spent his short life crammed into a filthy, windowless shed with up to 10,000 others.

Jake is from the same family of ducks you would see down on your local pond, but the only water this little bird will ever see is in his drinker. His feathers are dirty and his eyes are encrusted with dirt because he can’t clean himself properly. He will never know the freedom of an open river, nor feel the sun on his back. Jake will never know the love of his Mother, and will die a frightening and barbaric death at just seven weeks old.

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But it doesn’t have to be this way. Join the fight to set Britain’s favourite bird free!

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