Vegan Starter Guide from IVU

May 28, 2011
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The International Vegetarian Union’s excellent vegan starter guide. Please download and send a copy to all your friends and family.

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Irish Vegetarian Singer, Imelda May

May 26, 2011

Extracts from a Daily Mail interview with vegetarian singer, Imelda May from Dublin…

I owe a lot of my success to an injured crow.

In 2008 I was in a London park when I came across a fledgling crow that had fallen from the top of an oak tree. A woman happened to be passing and she said that she rescued animals, so she invited me back to her house. It turned out she was the wife of Jeff Beck. Jeff was there and we ended up jamming together. We became firm friends and all sorts of doors started opening for me.

I’ve always stood up for my principles.

At school I’d refuse to take part in biology lessons when animals were being dissected. One time the teacher announced that we would be gassing worms. So I ran around the room, gathered up all the worms and set them free in the fields. I just loved animals and couldn’t bear the thought of them suffering. We lived next to a slaughter-house, so I was used to seeing the pigs escape down the road, then be hauled back in to be killed. It’s not really surprising I became a vegetarian…

Visit the Mail Online website to read the full interview.

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Love Tattoo (
Love Tattoo (
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Good Medicine Magazine (Autumn 2010)

May 25, 2011

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The Autumn 2010 edition of Good Medicine magazine. Published by Physicians Committee for Responsbile Medicine.

The cover story is Pediatricians vs. Junk Food Giants: PCRM Doctors Report from Front Lines of Obesity Battle

Consider making a donation to PCRM.
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Download PCRM’s Vegetarian Starter Kit

Ask IMC Cinemas to screen Forks Over Knives

May 23, 2011

Ireland’s IMC Cinema Group is being encouraged to screen Forks Over Knives, a new documentary described by critic Roger Ebert as “a film that could save your life”.

It explores the benefits of a vegan diet in controlling, and even reversing, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. The health risks associated with consuming meat, dairy and eggs are exposed and audiences are encouraged to switch to plant-based foods.

Countless people suffer and die in Ireland every year as a result of diseases linked to meat and dairy consumption. This remarkable documentary could be instrumental in saving lives here and improving the quality of life of Irish people.

That’s why we are asking the IMC Cinema Group to give Irish audiences the opportunity to see Forks Over Knives by screening it in all of its cinemas.

Contact IMC (or your local cinema) and tell them you’d like to see Forks Over Knives on the big screen.

Contacts for IMC cinemas:

IMC Dun Laoghaire:
Telephone 01 230 1367
Email –

IMC Athlone:
Telephone – 090 647 6655
Email –

IMC Mullingar:
Telephone 04493 85800
Email –

IMC Dundalk:
Telephone 042 932 0400
Email –

IMC Ballymena:
Telephone 028 2563 1111
Email –

IMC Thurles:
Telephone 0504 26422
Email –

Official Trailer

Distasteful meat-based quiz

May 7, 2011

What’s being described as “television’s only meat-based quiz show” is set to debut on the Dave comedy channel this month.

This sick premise for a show will see host, Al Murray (using his Pub Landlord persona), asking questions of four teams who will “compete for a side of meat”.

The Dave website says that teams will “play for the honour of taking home a frozen chicken” while the “runners-up can expect to walk away with sausages”.

The channel assures viewers that the 8-part “Compete for the Meat” series, which begins on 19th May, will be “hilarious”. Not for the chickens and pigs, however.

Basing a comedy quiz on a competition to win the flesh of slaughtered animals is in extremely poor taste. The violence, suffering and death of the meat industry is no laughing matter.

Thumbs down to “Compete for the Meat” host, Al Murray

Contact Dave now to complain

Leave a comment about the show

Complain to the producers at Avalon Television
Telephone: 020 7598 7280
Fax: 020 7598 7281

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Pearls cause pain

May 7, 2011

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This article from the Vegan Society’s magazine reveals the pain caused by the pearl industry.

Now you know the facts, please be inspired to stop purchasing pearls and choose humane alternatives. Thank you.

Vegan Trax

May 4, 2011

Moby – Go

Oi Polloi – Anarcho Pie
“Let’s make a tasty Anarcho Pie – Ace vegan food for you and I”

Promoe – Long Distance Runner

Morrissey and The Smiths- Meat Is Murder
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Benjamin Zephaniah and Sinead O’Connor – Empire

King Wawa – All I Ever Dreamed

The Agonist – Birds Elope With The Sun
Vocalist, Alissa White-Gluz, is a vegan (and a vegetarian since birth).
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