Distasteful meat-based quiz

What’s being described as “television’s only meat-based quiz show” is set to debut on the Dave comedy channel this month.

This sick premise for a show will see host, Al Murray (using his Pub Landlord persona), asking questions of four teams who will “compete for a side of meat”.

The Dave website says that teams will “play for the honour of taking home a frozen chicken” while the “runners-up can expect to walk away with sausages”.

The channel assures viewers that the 8-part “Compete for the Meat” series, which begins on 19th May, will be “hilarious”. Not for the chickens and pigs, however.

Basing a comedy quiz on a competition to win the flesh of slaughtered animals is in extremely poor taste. The violence, suffering and death of the meat industry is no laughing matter.

Thumbs down to “Compete for the Meat” host, Al Murray

Contact Dave now to complain

Leave a comment about the show

Complain to the producers at Avalon Television
Email television@avalonuk.com
Telephone: 020 7598 7280
Fax: 020 7598 7281

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