White meat myths

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A Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation booklet – www.vegetarian.org.uk

White meat – from chicken, ducks, turkey and geese – has become the meat of choice for many Westerners. The average person eats at least 1,226 birds in a lifetime.

Recent fears over bird flu, food poisoning, dubious foreign imports and chicken meat pumped up with beef protein and water have all knocked sales yet despite all this, the bird’s ‘healthy’ image remains largely untarnished. High-protein, essential for kids’ growth and for muscle in athletes – you can’t get a better marketing image for white meat than that! Sadly, it’s just another of the myths that has bedevilled the national diet for decades.

This easy-to-read guide explains why white meat is not the healthy option for adults or children. It includes some exciting recipes using meat alternatives, including Creamy Mock Chicken, Avocado & Tomato Wraps, Tasty Tofu Salad, Mock Chicken Satay, and Mock Duck à L’Orange!

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