The story of Hope the Hen

During the pre-dawn hours of a cold December morning, two undercover Mercy For Animals investigators discovered a hen they later named Hope. She had been tossed in a trashcan by a worker at the egg farm and left to die amid the rotting bodies of countless dead hens.

As one investigator recalled, “The already unbearable consciousness of this hell worsened when I noticed movement in one of the trash bins. I easily would have mistaken this hen, determined to survive, for a lifeless corpse had she not lifted her tiny head, stared at me with curiosity, and blinked her eyes from atop the pile.”

Hope was given a second chance at life that morning when investigators reached into that rusted steel bin and lifted her to safety. Today, after being left for dead by the egg industry, Hope has fully recovered. Her sinus infection, wing hematoma, bruises, abrasions, and damaged feathers have all been treated and cured. Today she lives free of the cruel battery cage, enjoying the company of other rescued chickens on a wonderful farmed animal sanctuary.

From the Mercy for Animals website

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