Eating Sustainably – Fight global warming with your fork

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This Compassion Over Killing brochure is packed with information about the negative environmental impacts of animal agriculture while also highlighting the global calls to action from the United Nations to shift towards a more plant-based diet.

For example, did you know it takes 420 gallons of water to produce one pound of grain-fed chicken? And the amount of manure produced on factory farms is three times greater than the amount of waste produced by humans?

The scientific consensus is clear: raising animals for food is a leading cause of pollution and resource depletion. According to the United Nations, “A substantial reduction of impacts [from agriculture] would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change away from animal products.”

Without a doubt, our food choices matters. Every time we sit down to eat, each of us can help create a kinder, greener, and healthier world simply by leaving animals off our plates.

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