Bob Linden’s message of compassion to kids

bob linden

On the 29 December 2013 edition of Go Vegan Radio, host Bob Linden offered this message of compassion to kids:

“Kids – you love animals. When you eat meat, dairy, fish or eggs, your parents are paying someone to really be mean and hurt animals. To lock them up in prisons and cut their throats and kill them for you to eat.

“A ‘Happy Meal’ isn’t happy at all. It’s very sad and scary for the animals. You saw ‘Babe’ – how can you eat Babe? You saw ‘Chicken Run’ – how can you eat chickens? You saw ‘Blackfish’ – love all fish, don’t eat them.

“Tell your parents you don’t want to eat animals any more. They don’t have to worry. You will grow up big and strong and healthy.”

Listen to the show and make a donation at


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