It’s Sochi great diet

Alexey Voevoda

Raw vegan power propels Alexei Voyevoda forward

Raw vegan powerhouse Alexei Voyevoda is a strong candidate for a medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Voyevoda, a three-time arm wrestling world champion and a two-time Olympic bobsleigh medalist is a member of the 2014 Russian bobsledding team and says he wants to win gold.

“My role on the team is to stop the bobsleigh,” he told the Moscow Times. “I do this with the strength I have acquired through arm wrestling.”

Voyevoda maintains his impressive strength on a vegan diet – raw most of the year except in winter when he says he eats some foods that are cooked.

The Sochi native is on record as saying that when he switched meat for fruits and vegetables, he felt better and experienced “increased speed and strength”.

“You just need to eat the right foods, among which the meat is not included,” he is quoted as saying on

“I’ve experimented with diet a lot,” he explains in a video interview posted on Youtube.

Comparing his performances on various diets, he reveals that on the meat and dairy diet, he “lacked energy” while the raw vegan diet is “very effective”.

Asked if he drinks milk, he replied: “At first I ate dairy products and drank milk. Then I stopped.” Asked if he is vegan, he said “Yes, I am.”

While adjusting his diet in winter to eat some cooked foods, his preference is clearly for raw foods.

“In the summer we have the opportunity to eat fresh vegetables and fruits and to be raw vegans,” he stated. “Just try it. I encourage you to try a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you like it. I like it.”

As an official ambassador of the Sochi Games tasked with encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, Alexei is a powerful role model.

See him and the Russian bobsleigh team in action at the Winter Olympics on February 16 and 17.


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