Dairy decline: America now drinking less milk

A study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture has found that Americans are consuming less dairy products and the drop looks likely to continue.

The 2013 USDA Economic Research Service report, “Why Are Americans Consuming Less Fluid Milk? A Look at Generational Differences in Intake Frequency” reveals that people in all age groups are drinking less milk. Over the past 40 years, there has been a more than one third drop in daily consumption.

The USDA report outlines that between the 1970s and 2000s, “people have become less apt to drink fluid milk at mealtimes, especially with midday and nighttime meals.”

The share of adolescents and adults who did not drink milk on a given day rose from 41 per cent to 54 per cent, while those drinking milk three or more times per day dropped from 13 to 4 per cent.

Among pre-adolescent children, the share that did not drink milk on a given day rose from 12 per cent to 24 per cent while the share that drank milk three or more times per day fell from 31 to 18 per cent.

“The majority of Americans born in the 1990s consume fluid milk less often than those born in the 1970s, who, in turn, consume it less often than those born in the 1950s,” the report states.

“Differences across the generations in milk intake may help account for the observed decreases in per capita fluid milk consumption in recent decades despite public and private sector efforts to stem the decline.”

“These differences will likely make it difficult to reverse current consumption trends,” it adds. “In fact, as newer generations replace older ones, the population’s average level of fluid milk consumption may continue to decline.”

The report’s findings were welcomed by Compassion Over Killing who said that “Americans are moving on and reaching for healthier and more humane dairy-free options.”

“Consumers are discovering the charade built up by millions of dollars of savvy marketing,” the organisation commented.

“They’re learning that, despite what they were taught in school, milk and other dairy products are actually harmful to our health. Not to mention how dairy factory farms are wreaking havoc on our environment while also causing tremendous cruelty to animals.”

They invite people to visit TryVeg.com for dairy-free food and drink ideas.

Originally published in Vegan Future newspaper. Read the newspaper for 18 pages of vegan news from around the world.

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