Petition — Save the park pigs from slaughter


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The owner of an “ethical” food shop in Glasgow is poised to send a pair of pigs to slaughter so that their flesh can be sold as meat.

The pigs have been living on waste ground in Queen’s Park and have become popular with locals. But, despite growing calls for the pigs to be spared, Reuben Chesters of the Locavore store is apparently intent on seeing the 8-month old animals “stunned, hung upside down and drained of blood through the throat.”

Time is running out for the park pigs. Urgently contact Mr Chesters and appeal for him to show mercy and save the pigs from slaughter.

Email “Please don’t slaughter the pigs” to

Phone 0141 328 3303

Post a message of appeal on Facebook

Sign the petition at


3 Responses to Petition — Save the park pigs from slaughter

  1. Owen says:

    Out of interest why are you so persistent on this, even though it isn’t particularly your business that is effected but you are possibly damaging somebody else’s?

  2. Malgor says:

    You realise that by demonising ethical community driven efforts like this one, you are encouraging industrialised non-ethical techniques? Stop trying to pick easy targets, and stop attacking people who are doing far more for raising awareness, and for the health and well-being of animals, than you are.

  3. Alistair Wells says:

    Too late folks they have apparently sent the pigs off to be killed, Locavore is a shop that will certainly not be getting my custom

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