Making noise against cruel cow bells

A vegan living in Switzerland is campaigning for an end to the cruel practice of hanging bells around the necks of cows.

Nancy Holten has condemned the practice as an “absolute disgrace”, arguing that farmers wouldn’t tolerate the loud and heavy bells around their necks and therefore they shouldn’t expect cows to endure them either.

“Imagine, with every movement of the head, the bell rings and the sound resonates constantly in your ears like Tinitus, only a hundred times worse,” she says in a Facebook post

Swiss farmers use the noise from the bells as a way of keeping tabs on the animals as they roam across the alpine landscape.

But researchers have found that the bells can create a 113 decibel racket – noise which can negatively impact the feeding and social behaviour of cows.

You can join the Kuhglocken out (Cowbells Out) Facebook group at

Nancy Holten


One Response to Making noise against cruel cow bells

  1. Annalice Eve says:

    I totally agree with her, this sounds unhumain and like a medieval practice that modern society should rethink or — at least — readapt to current times (ie, the bells could be adapted to have a system to low their sound, keeping them as symbols of a culture but without loud sound). By the way, the time for new solutions has come with technology.

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