A special appeal to parents

As a parent, you will understand the special bond that exists between you and your baby. As a parent, you will have a clear understanding of what it must feel like for a parent to be separated from its baby.

Watch the short video below and use your power as a consumer to say NO to the dairy industry’s shameful treatment of cows and calves. The dairy industry is based on a heartless disregard for the natural bond between mother and child – don’t be a part of it. Instead of dairy products, choose healthier vitamin-enriched soya milks, cheeses and yoghurts. These are widely available in health stores and supermarkets.

The calves are counting on you. Please hear their cry for help and act today.

3 Responses to Dairy

  1. I agree but you need not separate them and still get the milk.

    • Why would you drink another species milk? Would you have a cup of dog or cat milk? It is an industry filled with lies and milk actually takes calcium from your bones. It is un-natural and against nature.

      Factory Farms where calves milk comes from takes the babies away straight away to use as veal.

      Pease google all information to see you are drinking pus and blood with cow’s milk.Those machines hurt the cows and when they take and take the cow is spent and useless to the Milk Industry then killed for people’s food. It is all wrong.

      A good diet does not include milk nor animals.

  2. Burner.Wildflower says:

    Even if you don’t need to separate them to get the milk, the mother still needs to be pregnant, whether they want to be or not. Usually they are artificially inseminated – which, if you were doing it to a human, would be considered forced pregnancy and RAPE. It’s time to stop exploiting the reproductive features of females.

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