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Melissa Fornabaio presents “Vegan Parenting”, a video which explores the lives of several vegan families and dispels myths about vegan children.

This is an inspiring and encouraging video for parents who wish to raise their children on the healthy and compassionate vegan diet.

Raising Vegan Children
by Erin Pavlina

A vegan does not eat any foods that contain animal products. This means no beef, chicken, fish, pork or veal; no milk, cheese, butter, eggs, sour cream, or cottage cheese. Instead a vegan eats fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes.

Is a vegan diet healthy for an active, growing child? Absolutely. Children raised on a vegan diet eat more fruits and vegetables than their meat-eating counterparts. They are sick less often, and don’t have as many food allergies. Even vegan junk food is healthier than regular junk food, containing fruit juice instead of sugar, and whole wheat flour instead of white flour. Family and friends may worry that your child will be ostracized at school if he brings tofu and sprouts. So send your child to school with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple, carrots, and fruit-sweetened cookies and no one will know your child is eating a “special” diet. At birthday parties, find out what the host is serving and drop your child off with the vegan equivalent of those items.

Feeding Vegan Babies

The breast milk of vegan women is refreshingly void of many toxins and pesticides that are found in the breast milk of meat-eating women. This affords a vegan baby an even better chance for short and long term health.

Feeding Vegan Infants

The first foods any child eats are usually mashed fruits, soft veggies, and iron fortified rice cereals. All of these items are vegan so nothing special needs to be said for starting solids. Avoiding cow’s milk and eggs are probably good advice for the first year of any child’s life anyway. After that, simply give your vegan child samples of food from your own plate and see what she likes.

Feeding Vegan Children

As your child gets older you can incorporate the things most kids enjoy eating. Below are some suggestions for things most vegan children will enjoy and will ensure that he has a well balanced and varied diet:

* Spaghetti with tomato sauce
* Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
* Chicken-Free nuggets (soy protein nuggets that taste just like breaded chicken)
* Baked french fries with ketchup
* Burgers, hot dogs and sandwich slices made of tofu and other meat substitutes
* Whole wheat bread (3-4 slices each day)
* Grilled soy cheese sandwiches
* Mashed potatoes
* Veggie pizzas with soy cheese
* Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
* Pancakes with pure maple syrup
* Waffles with fruit
* Barley and vegetable soup
* Romaine lettuce salad
* Vegetables, including green leafy and deep yellow vegetables
* Baked potato with broccoli and tofu sour cream (non dairy)
* Rice and beans
* Vegetable stew
* Spinach lasagna
* Calcium-fortified orange juice
* Calcium-fortified soy milk (3 cups each day).
* Iron-fortified cereal with calcium-fortified soy milk
* supplements: a vegan multivitamin to provide Vitamin B12 and zinc, and extra iron and calcium


* Fruits, cut up into bite sized pieces for children under 4 (4-5 1/2 cup servings with at least 2 servings of citrus fruit or juice each day)
* Raisins
* Trail mix
* Applesauce
* Fresh berries and sorbet (all fruit without sugar)
* Fruit smoothies
* Popcorn
* Vegans can’t eat white sugar, and most candy is made with it. But there are some vegan chocolate companies that make some good stuff, and a gummy bear substitute that isn’t bad made with fruit juice. Vegan cakes, donuts, cookies, and pies are abundant though. (VeganFuture Note: Some white sugar is suitable for vegans)

Is a Vegan Diet During Pregnancy Safe?

During pregnancy it is vital to maintain a healthy diet for the safety of the developing fetus. Pregnant vegans have a tremendous advantage since their diet is naturally high in the vitamins and minerals the baby needs. As long as her diet is varied and incorporates a reliable source of B12, a vegan woman can be reasonably sure she is meeting her daily requirements. A visit to a registered dietician who specializes in vegan diets can help ease her mind if she is unsure of her particular diet. Also read Pregnancy, Children, and the Vegan Diet by Dr. Michael Klaper, the bible for pregnant vegans.

Suggested foods

It is important to eat a varied diet during pregnancy to ensure an adequate supply of many vitamins and minerals. Below is a list of some food choices that are healthy and rich in the nutrients a woman needs during pregnancy. These items are good choices even for non-vegan women.

* Breakfast:
o Whole grain cereal with soy milk
o Whole grain pancakes with pure maple syrup
o Fruit smoothies
o Oatmeal with dried fruit or apples and cinnamon
o Whole wheat toast with all fruit preserves

* Lunch:
o Romaine lettuce salad with chopped vegetables and low fat dressing
o Veggie sandwich on whole grain bread with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and onions.
o Baked potato with broccoli and tofu sour cream (non dairy)
o Falafel sandwich with humus or tahini
o Split-pea soup

* Dinner:
o Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce
o Sweet potatoes
o Vegetarian pizza with no cheese
o Vegetable stir fry with brown rice
o Potato-lentil stew
o Vegetable stew
o Spinach lasagna

* Snacks:
o popcorn with nutritional yeast
o dried fruits
o grapes
o fruit juice with sweetened cookies
o nuts
o trail mix

Handling The Opinions of Others

It isn’t always easy being a vegan. Not everyone understands the nature of the diet or how healthy it really is. The best way to deal with people who challenge the safety of a vegan diet is to arm yourself with information. Read Diet For A New America by John Robbins. This book provides wonderful documentation of the ill effects of the standard American diet and describes how healthy a plant based diet is. Also, when dealing with the opinions of family and friends, remember that you don’t take medical advice from your insurance broker, so don’t take advice about diet from anyone isn’t an expert.

Handling Holidays

It’s important that a vegan child not feel different just because their diet may not be shared by those around them. During holidays it’s wise to find vegan equivalents to favorite holiday treats. For example, a vegan Easter basket can include vegan chocolate eggs and plastic eggs with coins in them. Halloween can be tough, but one idea is to get together with other vegan parents and have a Halloween party. Let the kids dress up in costume and enjoy activities like bobbing for apples. Serve vegan cupcakes and confections in the shapes of monsters, and carve pumpkins too. With a little forethought and creativity, a vegan child can enjoy the same holidays non-vegan children do.

Bottom Line

Raising a vegan child is just as exciting, rewarding, and filled with challenges as raising any child. But providing your child a vegan diet will give him an early start on leading a long and healthy life.

More Information

For more information on raising healthy vegan children, pregnancy, and vegan parenting, visit the VegFamily website at


A public service announcement by The Cancer Project which promotes healthy vegetarian diets for children for cancer prevention.

Important info for pregnant vegans

Vegan Vitamin K for Newborns
from Vegan Society website. 2008-03-25

Newborn babies are routinely injected with vitamin K at birth to protect against rare but serious haemorrhage (including brain haemorrhage).

In the past, the injection was vegan but it now includes a carrier made from cow bile, making it unsuitable for vegans.

There is, however, at least one oral version available on a named patient basis. This means that it must be prescribed and ordered through a doctor.

If you wish to use this product, do allow time for it to be sourced and prescribed. If your doctor is unaware of this, your local or hospital pharmacist should be able to help.

Please feel free to ring the Vegan Society on 0121 523 1735/6 if you have any queries.

Disease-Proof Your Child

Go Vegan Radio’s Bob Linden interviews Dr Joel Fuhrman, MD, a family physician who specialises in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods.

Disease-Proof Your Child

Extract from a preview of “Disease-Proof Your Child” by Dr Joel Fuhrman, MD
Visit for more or order the book from

Fewer Animal Products, More Fruits and Vegetables

We have been indoctrinated since early childhood to believe that animal protein is a nutrient to be held in high esteem. We have been brought up with the idea that these foods are good for us if they help us grow bigger and faster. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The public, as well as the media, is confused about this issue. They continue to associate the term better nutrition with earlier maturity and larger stature resulting from our greater consumption of animal protein and animal fats. These unfavorable trends are repeatedly reported as positive events. For example, earlier writers and nutritionists have mistakenly equated rapid growth with health. Science has demonstrated that an increased rate of growth is not a good thing. The slower a child grows, the slower he or she ages. Slower growth, taking longer to reach maturity, is predictive of a longer life in animal studies. We are finding the same thing in humans: an unnaturally rapid growth and premature puberty are risk factors for cancers and other diseases later in life. Evidence continues to mount that these same factors leading to early maturity and excessive growth in childhood increase the occurrence of cancer in general, not just breast and prostate cancer. Excluding malnutrition or serious disease, the slower we grow and mature, the longer we live.

Humans, like other primates, are designed to consume a diet predominating in natural plant foods with their symphony of essential phytochemicals. Fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, raw nuts and seeds should form the foundation of normal nutrition. Food preferences and tastes are formed early in life and children learn to eat the diets eaten by their parents.

When you have a child, you have the unique opportunity to mold a developing person. One of your greatest gifts to them can be a disease resistant body created from excellent food choices beginning at youth. Ear infections, strep throats, allergies, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADD or ADHD), and even autoimmune diseases can be prevented by sound nutritional practices early in life. Common childhood illnesses are not only avoidable, but they’re more effectively managed by incorporating nutritional excellence into one’s diet. This is far superior to the dependence on drugs to which we are accustomed. No parent would disagree that our children deserve only the best.

About “Disease-Proof Your Child – Feeding Kids Right”

Cutting edge nutritional science for the family table:
In his private practice, Joel Fuhrman, M.D. has worked with many families to turn around their health and eating habits. He helps children with recurrent medical problems recover their health with nutritional interventions, avoiding the need for further drugs.

Dr. Fuhrman has the solution for your frequently ill child. Backed up by a multitude of scientific studies, he explains how eating particular foods and how avoiding others can have a significant impact on your child’s resistance to dangerous infections, their intelligence and success in school. For example, a change in dietary habits can have a dramatic effect on reducing the occurrences of illness like ear infections, asthma and allergies. The right foods introduced early in life can increase your child’s IQ.

Dr. Fuhrman presents the fascinating science which demonstrates that the current epidemic of adult cancers and other diseases are closely linked to what we eat. In the first quarter of our life, he explains that eating right in childhood is the most powerful weapon against the growing cancer epidemic. Also, he reveals how the seeds for future auto-immune diseases are sown in childhood, and how by eating right today, children can be healthy tomorrow.

His nutrient-rich dietary recommendations give parents the information they need to ensure that their children are eating right to maintain a healthy mind and body. Moreover, he gives parents guidelines on how to get even the pickiest eater to learn to love healthy food. Also, he features his child tested recipes that are delicious, easy-to-prepare and great for the whole family. They make healthy eating child-friendly.

Every parent needs this book so that they can make sure that they are doing everything they can for their children’s health. Don’t raise your children without it.

Check out the current buzz:

“Food choices, especially food choices early in life, are the primary cause of disease and premature death and are the take home message of this book. While the scientific community is just beginning to realize this great truth, Dr. Fuhrman has already taken the revelation and put it in the form of a tool kit. If you truly love your children and your grandchildren, or if you are simply a true American patriot concerned about the health of the nation, then read this book and put it into practice. It’s light years ahead and is a magnificent source of salvation for our children.”
Groesbeck P. Parham, M.D.
Professor of Gynecologic Oncology and Preventive Medicine Senior Scientist, Comprehensive Cancer Center University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Physician, father, and educator. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. has mastered all three of those roles and shares his nutritional and healing wisdom in this practical, readable book. The major fatal diseases that plague us – clogged arteries, obesity, diabetes, cancers, and others – begin in childhood, and Disease Proof Your Child will help you give your offspring the healthiest start possible. Thank you, Dr. Fuhrman, for sharing your experiences and teachings where it will do the most good – through ‘disease-proofing’ our children.”
Michael Klaper, M.D.
Director of the Institute of Nutrition Education and Research, Manhattan Beach , California

“Disease Proof Your Child is a timely response to America’s health care crisis. The time to effectively institute healthy nutrition is during childhood. Dr. Joel Fuhrman provides solutions for children, parents, and physicians.”
Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.
Preventive Cardiology – Cleveland Clinic Foundation

“Dr. Fuhrman’s latest book couldn’t have come at a better time given the epidemic of obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, which is reaching earlier and earlier into the lives of our children. In “Disease Proof Your Child”, Dr. Fuhrman irrefutably documents that what we feed our children from infancy through adolescence, and how we respond to their childhood illnesses, will profoundly determine the kind of health and longevity they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. Dr. Fuhrman’s book offers a ringing defense for the value of a plant-based diet and presents easy to apply strategies for changing the problematic dietary and lifestyle habits of children–and their parents. It is destined to take its place among the most important child-rearing books ever written…”
Mark A. Huberman, President
National Health Association

“Dr. Fuhrman provides information, easy to read and understand but science-backed, that will help every parent raise healthy children who will later become disease-proofed adults.”
Neal Pinckney, Ph.D.
Founder and Director, Healing Heart Foundation
Author: Healthy Heart Handbook

“Disease-Proof Your Child, is an essential guide for every parent. Our children are faced with a nutritional crisis today, and this book is a blessing to parents seeking to give their children the gift of excellent health. The nutrition and health information, practical meal plans, recipes, and medical advice from one of our nation’s leading preventive medicine physicians are invaluable.”
John Westerdahl, PhD, MPH, RD
Nutrition Editor, Veggie Life Magazine
Director, Wellness & Lifestyle Medicine
Castle Medical Center , Kailua , Hawaii

“Great Book! Disease-Proof Your Child should be required reading for every parent. This book would have been invaluable in raising our children. Dr. Fuhrman should be every family’s doctor.”
Howard F. Lyman
Author, The Mad Cowboy, No More Bull!

“Dr. Fuhrman reveals the secrets to long-term, sustainable health using diet choices for growing up smart and growing old happy. Take your doctor a copy!”
Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Director, Cardiovascular Institute
Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center

“I only wish I could write such a tremendous book on this topic! I am genuinely impressed with the book. I enjoyed reading it and, more than that, I learned plenty in the process. This text has the potential of turning the tide on the epidemic of chronic disease afflicting children in the first world. If the health principles so convincingly and warmly presented in your text were to be adopted by our children and their families, the reduction in disease and suffering would exceed any “medical” advance one can conceive of.”
John Kelly, MD, MPH,
President American College of Lifestyle Medicine Professor, Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health , Loma Linda University

“Dr. Fuhrman’s book offers your family the solution to the epidemic of obesity and sickness that afflicts nearly every child eating the rich Western diet. Don’t miss this opportunity.”
John McDougall, MD
Director of the McDougall Live-in Program, Santa Rosa, CA

“Knowledge is power and Dr. Fuhrman’s book, Disease Proof Your Child, is a powerful tool for insuring that the children you love will live healthy and happy lives. Read this book! Most importantly, put this invaluable advice of one of American’s most outstanding physicians into practice.”
Doug Lisle, Ph.D. and Alan Goldhamer D.C.
Authors of The Pleasure Trap

“Children don’t need to be chronically sick–as children or adults. Dr. Fuhrman’s book compels parents to rethink the way they raise their children, starting with what they eat.”
James Craner M.D., MPH
Environmental and Occupational Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine,
University of California , San Francisco School of Medicine

Bringing up a vegan baby

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An inspiring Vegan Society magazine article for new parents.

More valuable information and advice on vegan parenting is available on this Vegan Society webpage

Help the Vegan Society spread the word about the positive, compassionate vegan diet. Make a donation today at
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Boy stops eating meat after realizing it comes from slaughtered animals

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