Watch “Vegan: Everyday Stories”

October 23, 2016



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How Not to Die from Cancer

October 9, 2016

What happens when you put cancer on a plant-based diet? A presentation by Dr Michael Greger – Please watch and share.


At-home-activism: Print and display labels

September 13, 2016

Encourage your friends and family to go vegan by printing and displaying these thought-provoking products labels. Designed by Mollie Rose

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Compassionate Athletes

August 27, 2016

Athletes tackle questions about plant-based eating. A Vegan Outreach booklet.

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‘Vegan Nutrition’ pamphlet

August 27, 2016

An International Vegan Association pamphlet

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Mercy For Animals accepts $1million grant to promote eggs from industry causing painful mutilations

May 19, 2016



Mercy for Animals highlights cruelty of the cage-free egg industry – Overcrowding, No Access to Outdoors, Painful Mutilations Without Anesthesia, male chicks ground up alive, hens cruelly slaughtered for meat or gassed and dumped in a landfill. MFA states on its website – ‘Don’t believe the egg industry’s hype. With the numerous eggs alternatives available today for all types of cooking and baking, consumers can easily drop eggs from their diets in favor of a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle.’



Mercy for Animals accepts $1million dollar grant to promote cage-free eggs

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

April 23, 2016

The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside out

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The Oh She Glows Cookbook