Supermarket Vegan Lists

Most of the major supermarkets stock food and drink that is suitable for vegans.

Before going shopping, please read their vegan lists…

Marks & Spencer: View / Download

Sainsbury’s: View / Download from Sainsbury’s website

Waitrose: View / Download from the Waitrose website.

Tesco: View / Download from Tesco website

The Co-operative: View

Lidl: View / Download

Aldi: View / Download from Aldi website

Trader Joe’s: View / Download from Trader Joe’s website

Morrisons: View

Superdrug: View


ASDA: View (2009 list)

Vegan shopping at Ralphs supermarket

Vegan grocery shopping at Walmart

8 Responses to Supermarket Vegan Lists

  1. Thank you so much. This is a great resource ! Amazing! So grateful !

  2. It would help if you could get a list for Iceland, Morrison’s and Aldi as well.

  3. John Hila says:

    Aldi does carry vegan products. One brand is “Be G Free” I believe. Very tasty, too. Look at their organic line, then read labels from there. Many are vegan. 🙂

  4. Paige rich says:

    I live in Virginia Beach, Va & not one of these stores is in my area. I have an extremely hard time finding vegan cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, & sour cream! I wish I knew where to find them bc it’s hard for me to give these up but i will gladly eat the vegan form!

  5. Love your Trader Joe’s list, thank you!

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