Reasons to Go Vegan – Presentation

December 17, 2014

A presentation by James Wildman of The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. Please watch and share.

Vegan teacher loses job after highlighting dairy cruelty

December 14, 2014

Sign the petition in support of Keith Allison

Petition — Save the park pigs from slaughter

November 21, 2014


Sign the petition at

The owner of an “ethical” food shop in Glasgow is poised to send a pair of pigs to slaughter so that their flesh can be sold as meat.

The pigs have been living on waste ground in Queen’s Park and have become popular with locals. But, despite growing calls for the pigs to be spared, Reuben Chesters of the Locavore store is apparently intent on seeing the 8-month old animals “stunned, hung upside down and drained of blood through the throat.”

Time is running out for the park pigs. Urgently contact Mr Chesters and appeal for him to show mercy and save the pigs from slaughter.

Email “Please don’t slaughter the pigs” to

Phone 0141 328 3303

Post a message of appeal on Facebook

Sign the petition at

Guia Vegetariana Para Principiantes

August 16, 2014
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“I am scared and don’t want to die”

August 11, 2014

Watch and Go Vegan

Veg Guide to Los Angeles 2014

July 20, 2014
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The Fall 2014 edition of Compassion Over Killing’s Veg Guide to Los Angeles.

Features more than 200 veg-friendly listings — from restaurants and bakeries to hotels and food trucks.

Order a free copy of this guide (US only) at

Support the work of Compassion Over Killing at

Enriched Cages and Embodied Prisons

July 20, 2014
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A report on the suffering of egg laying hens by
Sandra Higgins, BSc (Hons) Psych, MSc Couns Psych, Director, Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary, Ireland –

The report concludes that “there are no humane eggs” and that “being vegan is the closest we can get to solving the problem of our intolerable use of other animals and the consequences of that use for them.”


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